Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Blogging tips on creating Pillar Post

Creating Pillar Post
While creating attention to your site, the more articles you have the better up to an extent. The content must be interesting and fit the need of the reader. And while many post are short, the blog must have some central post that really anchor the blog. These are the ones you want quoted on other people’s blogs. These take much more time to research and write. In general they are much longer and full of details. They are the type post that can be just as good today as they will be years from now. This is not a time to copy and paste from a free article site. This is a post that the writer needs to express his own point of view based on his own research. This is the time you want the readers to understand that you are the expert, the reason to come back again and again. Original post also helps with the search engine rankings. After all, the search engines are designed to help readers find answers from experts. Another added benefit is the amount of attraction from other experts and writers that it generates and hopefully will lead to links to the article from their own sites. The additional links also greatly help with your ranking.
By taking the time to have a least five to six of these pillar articles on your blog, the rewards will come in for years. In fact, I’ve heard that at least one major pillar needs to be added every month. Remember this is where you make your mark. This is where you convince your readers that you are, in fact the expert. So, spend the time and do the research and become known as the expert in your field.
Johnny Ray

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