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The top 7 blogging tips on how to increase your adsense earnings.

Professional blogger makes money

Perhaps I need to repeat that--A professional blogger makes money from ads on his sites that clients click on. To do this, he has to know the top secrets in how to use adsense or whatever ads he uses. This is a great article and needs to be studied completely.
Johnny Ray

7 Tips and Tricks to Increase Your Adsense Earnings Guaranteed

Author: Mickie Kennedy

7 tips and tricks to make your AdSense ad receive more clicks and more profit!

Find out how to deal with a few little tricks to increase your AdSense revenue dramatically ...

The First tip: - Tip #1

Use the proper framework for AdSense. Google AdSense offers you the ability to change the appearance of your AdSense display. It has been shown that AdSense without a framework bring more clicks than AdSense with a frame. Internet users have developed enough savvy to recognizes advertisements on a site immediately.

Once you have a framework for your AdSense ads it "triggers" the users to avoid clicking on the ad.

More often than not, this flags the user to simply ignore it!

An AdSense ad on your website, which has framework results in the visitors doing nothing more than ignoring your banner.

Avoid anything immediately recognized as a advertising. This is particularly true for the when there is a frame outside your text link AdSense ads. Define your settings in the configuration of the AdSense simply the border color with the same color as your site background. Thus, for example: Home White background = white AdSense framework.

The Second - Tip #2
Setting the text color and the color of the hyperlink AdSense ads The case is similar with the color of the text and the link color. If you do not want your AdSense ads to be immediately recognized by visitors. You must define the text color as well as the hyperlink color, just as your home page text and links on the homepage also appear. If that is your hyperlinks to your site are displayed in green so you define the link color in the AdSense ads with the same green color. The same applies to the AdSense text, even this should be the same color of the text.

Try using light grey for both your text and your Google Adsense ADS.

The Third - Tip #3 What is the most efficient AdSense format for use on your home page?

This point can not be quite so easy to define, because ultimately, the AdSense format also must somehow fit into your home page. With great certainty a less efficient AdSense format is the banner 468 x 60!!

This is because this format is the standard format of banner ads, and thus immediately recognized as an advertisement by most internet users.

As mentioned above, today's Internet users have added the banner format 468 X 60 in their memory and immediately recognize it as a banner, even if that includes text ads. Avoid if possible using this banner format in the installation of your AdSense on your site. As one of the most effective banner formats, the AdSense format 336 x 280 is proven to be more effective.

Properly configured and deployed, it is with this format on a homepage that you will see the greatest results. Most people don't filter this out and recognize this as advertising.

The Fourth Tip - # 4 Never build a website based soley on one niche and Adsense.
You should avoid all your Internet revenue being solely based on AdSense. Because what happens when Google internal business policy changes, or your account gets hijacked?

I've been reading a few forums and blogs about Google Adsense tips lately, and thought it would be helpful to consolidate as many as possible in one place without the comments. I've also thrown in a few tips of my own. We start out with some of the basic general stuff and move to the more specific topics later on.....

Build an Empire....?

When you're deciding to become a website publisher you will fall into one of two broad categories:

• Publish 100 websites that each earn $1 a day profit?
• Publish 1 website that earns $100 a day profit?

The reality of it is, most people end up somewhere in between. Having 100 websites does indeed leave with maintenance, management and content issues. But having one website also leaves you open to all sort of fluctuations (search engines algorithm's, market trends, etc).....

You can adapt your plan on the way, but you'll have an easier time if you start out going in the direction of where you want to end up.

  • Would you rather start a soda vending machine business and maintain 100 vending machines everyday?

  • Or would you rather work from the comfort of your home slowly growing and maintaining 100 websites?

It will take time but start with one build it and let it settle for a month or so while you continue creating niche based websites.

You will spend a minimal amount of money and lots of time getting started but.....would you pay $200 a month for 3 months learning a business that will pay you back your initial investment for a continued period of time?

I would happily pay $2000 for a few months to learn a business that could ultimately make me $2000 per month for the rest of my life.....

The secret that will make your AdSense revenues can double. There are ways in which your current AdSense revenue up to 100% or more can increase by a small but effective trick - even the pros use - for the design of your AdSense ads.........

Well ... Do I have your attention?

Tests on my websites have actually shown that this effect is not stunt his misguided and thus the turnover was substantially increase it.

Tip Fifth Tip - #5 Where should the AdSense units to be placed As mentioned above, it is most effective when the AdSense running on your home page text can be implemented.

".....The best so that the text will flow around the AdSense and thus creates a visual layout, as would the AdSense for content on your web site belongs....."

Tip ixth Tip - #6 Now I know how to improve my CTR but how can I improve my earnings? AdSense is one of the best tools you can use to draw dollars to your site. Remember that there is no easy way to make money on Adsense... it takes a lot of work.

".....You can start of by blocking low paying advertisers with Filters......"

Why to loose a visitor for 0.01 cents?

Use Overture or Google Adwords Keywords tool to discover keywords that are less popular with advertisers.

Tip #7 AdSense How many boxes can be placed on a website?

Google allows you to three ad units and one link unit per page. How many should you use?

"....Quite simply, everything you can. You are three ad units and an ad link unit. Provided of course that you have enough text on your home page, it is possible that not all units ads are filled with ads....."

Check after a few days to see whether all the Adsense ads are relevant. You know what AdSense ads bring the most revenue in you're niche.

"......In the Setup menu in Google AdSense, you have the possibility of using your AdSense channels units in groups to capture statistics. This provides Google with a little more focused way to know which groups AdSense better turnover and which are not as likely to be clicked...."

If you want to take things even further you can also...

• Discover what AdSense ads are clicked find the provider of the AdSense ads, or the website on which the advertisement, and find it even more possibilities and partner and sell affiliate products.

For example, if you notice that your Site visitors often ads to click on a particular topic would be also a product that you are on your site can offer, because it seems to be the case that your target audience to a need for this product.

So why not own the product offering as an affiliate and earn more margin than just a few cents with AdSense?

Some Brief History about me....

I've always been extremely eager to learn about all of the ways you can make money from the internet.

There are so many different ways to make money, I'll admit that it can get very overwhelming.

But, if you boil everything down into the one "thing" that is necessary to generate money online - "it comes down to how well you can generate "targeted" traffic to your website."

When I started online, way back in the early 2000s, I owned a aquariam supply related website.

I managed to get my website to the top of Google for the most competitive keywords in the world. Keywords like: salt water aquarium, aquarium supplies, wholesale aquarium supplies

I put ALOT of work into getting my website to the top of Google for those keywords. Why did I spend so much time and effort to try and rank highly for those keywords?

I'll tell you exactly why... Because I knew those keywords would send ALOT of traffic to my site. Back in the day, I thought...

Alot of traffic = Alot of sales.....!


I mean, heck, common sense would tell you that the more traffic you got to your website, the more sales you would make, right?

WRONG ... Back then, I, like most other people, thought that's the way it all worked, or I obviously wouldn't have spent to much time and effort on those keywords.

Let me explain....

While I did have #1 rankings for nearly every single major keyword related to the aquarium supplies industry and it was bringing in over 10,000 visitors to my dinky little website PER DAY, the conversion rate (i.e. the amount of sales I made per visitor) was ridiculously low.

I sold roughly 1 product for every 1,000 people that came to my site.

That's a .1% conversion rate. You heard me right, "point one percent".

If you don't know what a good conversion rate is, let me just say that you should never have below a 1 percent conversion rate, let alone a .1 percent. Getting 1,000 visitors to your site per day takes a heck of a lot of work....

".....If I had to do it all over again, I would NOT spend my time on such broad, competitive keyword phrases like: weight loss. ... only to have such a poor visitor value and very little return for my time and effort....."

I would spend my time ranking for, bidding on, and basing my entire business on keywords that are already 100% proven to convert visitors into buyers....

Because, let's face it, we want people to come to our website and BUY our stuff. We don't want people visiting our site if they're just going to leave, right....?

There are two major problems that online marketers have, and they are:

They focus on extremely broad keywords that just bring a lot of random traffic to their websites. They don't know how to properly research their market to find which people are buying what they're selling.

Because you've read up to this point, problem #1 should no longer be a sticking point for you. It can lead to a lot of extra work, with very little results.

"......In fact, in my case, it was downright depressing to have 10,000 daily visitors, only to make 10 sales a day. I had imagined that when the day came that I had 10,000 daily visitors, I'd be sitting on the beach somewhere, sipping margaritas :-) and that obviously didn't happen...."

So, at this point, the only problem that remains is not knowing how to properly research a market or niche, to find exactly which people are buying what you're selling.

Well, guess what......?

Even though it took me 3 years of my life to come to grips that in order to make a heck of a lot of money on the internet, you absolutely have to focus on very specific, targeted keywords...

I finally learned, and because of this, I've been able to help thousands of other achieve the type of online success I've been fortunate enough to have.

I want you to visit my website for more tips. l show you exactly which keywords you should focus on, to literally triple or more, the amount of money you make from your online business.

About the Author: 7 days to High Traffic without Google, Backlinks or Articles © Find high value .COM's using famed domain expert Mickie Kennedy's Methods.©

Article Source: - 7 Tips and Tricks to Increase Your Adsense Earnings Guaranteed

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blogging tips on how to obtain free links

Bloggers all know that to have high ranking it take many links to your site.
The problem is one of time and money. The following article is good at showing you how to obtain free links to your site.
Johnny Ray

I Got Links To My Site That Increased My Ranking For Free
Author: James Rudolph

Here are several methods to website link building, the paramount way to add to your search engine rankings. The sites you see ranked dressed in the top Google results take part in several thousands of links all on the internet putting them in those top positions.

One way to effectively build your site links is through forum signatures. Join discussion forums where you are tolerable to send your links in your digital signature so that each time you position in a thread, your link will appear. This is a well-liked, simple and completely boundless link building strategy.

Exchanging your links with those of other online entrepreneurs is an alternative standard and effectual link building method. You build up traffic to your website by having your links on someone else's page and vice versa and it can in addition be very beneficial in conditions of search rankings to engage in lots of links to other sites on your page. It is recommended you benefit from this strategy primarily due to how actual it really is for being a free of charge resource.

On the other hand, individuals who care for to invest in generating supplementary traffic can best do so by purchasing links for their site. This can be expensive so it is a route taken mostly by those looking to strengthen the revenue of an already engaged site or, in universal, site owners with bigger advertising budgets. Buying links from bloggers with substantial viewership is amongst the slightest costly option for buying links.

It is as well advantageous to include your site on as many website directories as possible. These directories showcase key information on millions of sites that you enter yourself and submit along with your website URL.

Your website and online small business will by no means grasp their greatest extent promise devoid of a helpful selection of links. Using a few or all of the above strategies will instantly expand your traffic, leads, and sales labors to your detailed advantage.

About the Author:

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Grab My Just Finished Report On: Article Marketing
Or Get #1 Article Link Building Tool Around:
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Using humor is a great tip on writing a blog

Blogging tips cover many areas but some of the best are to make the reader want to come to your site.
Writing is not that hard if you you simply relax and have fun. The tips below give great advice on using humor.
Johnny Ray

6 Tips For Using Humor In Your Marketing

Author: Jj Kennedy

If you know me personally, or have read my articles before, you know I am a goofball. There is nothing subtle about me or my sense of humor. I’m sure a psychoanalyst could write reams of data about what is wrong with me. I’m blatant, crude, way over the top, off-color, and often offensive.

But that is me and my blog, NOT my work as either a consultant or as a marketing executive in my previous life. Because my blog is personal (as I think all good ones should be) it is the genuine me, burrs and all.

However, when I am working with a client, the suit goes on, the language is toned down, and humor, which defines me as a person, is actually rarely used as a marketing vehicle at all. It kills me, but there are SO many pitfalls if used inappropriately, it is often just not worth the risk for a client.

Sometimes I get lucky and a client and their audience have a very similar tone and market as me. In that rare case, our marketing results are just off the charts, but those cases are few and far between.

Being a guy who places tremendous value in humor, I offer these 6 tips for using humor in your own marketing materials. Use at your own risk.

1. Be Genuine

There are many types of humor: Subtle, sarcastic, slapstick, off-color, clever, etc.

What you need to figure out is which one you are. I am definitely the slapstick, off-color type. What can I say - I realize I am a large child, and fart jokes still crack me up. Compare that to Mikey, a good friend of mine (he hates when I call him that…It’s Mike, thank you.). He has a fantastic subtle sense of humor. He is the type that rarely pipes up, and you really have to pay attention; But, when he says something funny, it is obviously well thought out, and it always frigging kills me.

The point is that there is NO WAY I could pull off Mikey’s type of humor. Because I am so over the top 99% of the time, it would just get lost in the commotion. On the flip side, Mikey would look like a total idiot and loose all respect of people if he tried what I do. You can’t be quiet and mild mannered and then randomly start singing about your love of string cheese in the middle of the supermarket. It just don’t work.

If you are going to use humor, make sure it is your real humor, and not what you think your audience wants. Nothing is more cringeworthy than a joke that receives dead silence. In almost every case it comes from poor delivery, which is usually the result of not feeling 100% comfortable and confident in what you are doing. It works the same way in marketing. If your humor does not match that of your audience, take my advice - Don’t use it.

That was a super fancy segue into our next section if I do say so.

2. Know the audience…WELL

It is so super important to always know your audience when you are marketing. When using humor, it is doubly so. Not all people find the same things funny. Some type of humor (particularly mine) will even turn people away who would otherwise be customers. If your product or business paints it prospects with a broad brush, it is an absolute necessity that you niche out your segments if you want to try a shot a humor. Try your best not to let the segments cross paths.

Why? Because consensus humor is just not funny. If you try to make humor fit every audience, it will not fit ANY audience. If you have ever worked for a large corporation, you know that marketing creative is often brainstormed and approved by a group of marketing execs. I genuinely believe that that type of marketing usually sucks as it is so watered down to reach a consensus that it is also too watered down to earn a customer reaction. The same thing happens with humor.

3. Know how the audience views YOU

I have the luxury of hand picking my audience for my blogs and articles. I have built my sites from the ground up with the same tone and humor the entire time. If you like it, you stay, if not, you leave – and I’m totally cool with that.

When you are working with another business, or as a representative for a business that is not an exact replica of you, this is not the case.

What you really need to figure out is how the audience views you. And that will tell you if the type of humor you are using fits. If your audience perceives you as a “subtle”, then they are probably following you because they are “subtles” too. That tells you that the humor needs to be subtle as well.

Going back to points 1 and 2, if you are not a “subtle” as well, you have two options:

Option 1:. Don’t use humor. or

Option 2: Find a Mikey with a great subtle sense of humor and let him lead the creative.

4. Take risks if you can

The key point of this is “if you can.” This really depends on your type of humor, how risky the material is, and how big the potential upside is.

Everybody knows that the bigger the risk, the bigger the return. I’m finding that out in great detail with my own blog. Whenever I post a article that is a bit offensive and off color, the traffic for those posts usually goes through the roof. My article called “Retards and the Chinese” is a perfect example of this. To sum up, I received a few angry posts and emails about my casual use of the word “retard.” The article that addressed those comments was designed specifically to push peoples buttons and provoke a response. And it really did. But, truth be told, I was biting my nails for the entire week after I posted it. I got lucky, but it could have been a disaster.

The point is that it was a calculated risk. I knew that my audience base was predominately outspoken and thick skinned, so I figured they could take it. I was also very careful to turn the article sympathetic towards me after I ruffled everyone’s feathers. It worked well, but definitely took some time to get just right. I probably rewrote the closing paragraphs about 10 times.

5. Know when to say no

“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Then quit. There’s no point being a damn fool about it” - WC Fields

Sometimes humor is just not the right choice. Yes it is fun, yes it can produce fantastic results, but yes, it can also kill you if done wrong. If you find yourself on the negative side of any of the above tips, then just stop. It’s not worth it.

The key to humor is 100% confidence. If you are not true in your humor, if your audience is not into your humor, or if your audience image of you is not congruent with your humor, then your chances of success can not possibly outweigh the potential risks of using it.

Stick with the tried and true marketing vehicles that have worked for you in the past. They will not get the big results you are hoping for, but you won’t shoot yourself in the foot either.

Also, as a final caveat on know when to say no. Some things are just inherently not funny and should not be taken lightly. I wouldn’t recommend using humor under any circumstances to market when people have been injured physically or emotionally or are truly in need of help.

A great example that comes to mind is the recent Cash4Gold commercial that aired during the Super Bowl (I reviewed it and other ads on my blog recently). It starred Ed McMahon and MC Hammer pawning all their goods because they were broke. It was supposed to be funny. Not only did it not work, but it made me feel bad for the stars. If you think about the underlying context of WHY someone would be selling their stuff to a pawn shop and how desperate their situation must be, I think you would agree that there is nothing really funny about that.

6. Thicken your skin

Jokes flop. Even the best comedians will tell you that. If edgy, they will also offend some people. It’s gonna happen sooner or later. My final piece of advice is to grow a thick skin. Not everything will work the first time. As with stand up comedy, humor in marketing often takes a while to work out phrasing and timing.

At my site, I often push the edge on what is “professional.” After all, I am a serious and professional business person. I have a ton of real experience and have made a ton of real money. But that often does not jibe with the image I represent, especially on first impression.

Most people who stick around past the first article will usually become fans –loyal motivated fans - for a long time, but that does come at a price of losing a good percentage of visitors who just don’t get it or cannot get past the apparent professional/goofy disconnect.

That is a trade off I am willing to accept. I am 100% confident and 100% congruent to my personality on my site, so I can weather the comments and criticisms that I occasionally get. If I were not, I’m not sure I would be able to stomach someone truly thinking I am an idiot and what that might mean to my reputation.

I’ll end with a great quote that sums up a lot of what I do on my own site, and being the spaz I am, my general approach to humor. It’s simple, but says quite a bit.

“I\'m not funny. What I am is brave. “ - Lucille Ball Stay Cool. JJ

About the Author:

JJ Kennedy is CEO of Evil Genius Interactive, and editor of Evil Genius TV - Business, Humor, and Observations - From a Fancy Dude

Article Source: - 6 Tips For Using Humor In Your Marketing

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The basic tips and advice on blogging, a great place to start

Some of the best tips on blogging come from simple common sense
To have a great blog you need to follow simple proven advice on building your blog and promoting it. The following article is very good at reminding you what you need to do.
Johnny Ray

5 Hard and Fast Blogging Tips
Author: TJ Philpott

If making money is your goal, here are 5 vital blogging tips to insure your blog has a solid foundation from which it can grow.

1) Have knowledge or a Passion to Learn

If you don't have some knowledge of or at least a passion to learn more about the material you're blogging about it will be difficult to add content to your blog. Your knowledge or passion will be the motivation needed to continually post content that is both interesting and useful to your readers. It will also make your posting routine more enjoyable and less like work.

2) Establish a domain name

It is recommended that you purchase your 'own' domain name. The cost is minimal and and it will look more legitimate to your visitors. Also your domain will be more highly regarded by the online advertising networks, many of which will not accept sites without their own domain names.

You'll also want to have your site hosted as opposed to a free site since this gives you total control of the site. A site hosted by for instance Google or wordpress can be shut down at any time due to any activity they view as a violation of their policies.

3) Keep Your Content Current

The more frequent you post to your blog the better. Your posts should remain fresh to encourage visitors to return while attracting new readers as well. Think of it as breathing air into the life lungs of the blog.

4) Identify with Your Readers

Be sure to cater to the interests of your readers by responding to and acting upon their comments. With the ability to interact with your visitors thru the comments they leave comes the opportunity for you to know them better. What is it they want to read about? What problems may they have that you can assist them with? Don't ignore your readers; speak TO them not AT them. Their appreciation of this will be reflected by them continually returning to your blog.

5) Setting up a Money Making Blog

If you're interested in making money by blogging, there are ways to optimize your blog to accomplish this. The use of banner ads that reflect products you may want to sell is a very popular and passive way to earn an income. Please note that by representing or promoting multiple products or services will diversify your income opportunities. Expecting to make a living with just one product is unrealistic. Google adsense, affiliate products, and other online advertisers looking for viable ad space are some of the more popular ways to monetize a blog, but by no means do the opportunities stop there.

I hope these basic yet vital blogging tips have given you a definitive direction in which to take your blog. Also remember to blog about something your interested in. The point is to make this experience enjoyable not only for your readers, but also for you!

About the Author:

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.

For additional success tips and a free guide that demonstrates how to find both profitable markets and products visit:

Article Source: - 5 Hard and Fast Blogging Tips

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The top five blogging tips for bloggers

The article below is great on pinpointing the top five tips on blogging
Everyone has different goals concerning their blog, but all can have similar methods in obtaining them. Studying the tips on blogging from many sources often leads to a discovery of what works for the individual.
Johnny Ray

5 Blogging Tips Every Blogger Should Know

Author: Cory Threlfall
Blogging is a great way to earn a living and get your views out there on the World Wide Web. No matter whether you are blogging in order to make a living or simply want to express your opinion on a subject near and dear to your heart, there are 5 blogging tips which every blogger should know and follow in order to make your blog a complete success.

Blog About What You Know

It is really important to blog about what you know. Since you are providing information to the masses and most individuals depend on this information for accurate details, it is crucial that you blog about the things you know best. As far as blogging tips go, this is an extremely important one. You want to make sure not only that the information you disperse to the public is accurate but also that the topic is easy for you to write about.

Take Advantage of Money Making Ventures Via Blogging

Whether you are blogging for work or fun, there are many ways to turn your blog into a money making venture. This is one of the more vital blogging tips as most people want to make some money while doing what they love. Various money making ventures via blogging include affiliate programs, pay per click programs and selling your own products through your blog.

Keep Your Blog Current and Up to Date

In the grand scheme of blogging tips, the following is quite important. You want to always be sure to keep your blog information current and up to date. Blogging consists of new information which is continuously kept current. This will also help you to make more money should you have money making programs attached to your blog.

Fill Your Blog with Helpful Information

Some of the best blogs out there these days are ones which provide helpful information to the readers. Although it is interesting to simply read one's blog about their life or past experiences, it is even better to leave the blog having gathered helpful information about one subject or another. Filling your blog with this helpful information will make it that much more popular and aid individuals in their day to day lives.

Make Every Blog Entry Interesting and Engaging

The last of these blogging tips which you should consider in your daily blogging journeys is to make every blog entry interesting and engaging. It doesn't matter what the topic may be, there are ways to spin them so that they interest and engage the readers. This will keep them coming back from more. This means that those who use their blogs to make money will have repeat customers on a frequent basis. You want your blog to stand out from the rest as there are so many different blogs on the Internet. When writing your blog entries, think of what you would want to read on someone else's blog and what would keep you coming back for more time and time again.

About the Author:

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Article Source: - 5 Blogging Tips Every Blogger Should Know

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Blogging tips on building links

Building links to your site is work but worth it for a professional blogger
One of the greatest tips on blogging is the development of in bound links. This is and will be for a long time the major part of the search engine's responsibility in finding the most relevant web or blog sites. The article below details how important this is.
Johnny Ray

New Strategy For Inbound LinksAuthor: Kevin Sinclair

In this article I am coming back to the oldest Web marketing strategy - inbound links. The importance of inbound links to your Web site never diminishes. Search engines still value quality inbound links to a Web site for higher rankings. However, the emphasize is now on the quality, not the quantity of links. A dozen quality links to your site from useful sites are more valuable to a search engine than 700 links obtained through a link exchange program.

Before I discuss how to obtain quality inbound links to your site, I would like to mention some don'ts of inbound link strategy. Never participate in an automated or manual link exchange program. These programs are useless; they don't benefit you and sometimes the search engines may even penalize your site for such links. Also, stop soliciting link exchange from other sites where your links will be placed in a link farm on a page along with hundreds of other links. The two don'ts are - link exchange program and link farms.

Now I will talk about the new strategy. The number one strategy is to write articles with your resource box attached. Your resource box should mention your expertise in the subject and only one link to your site's home page. I know you have already started frowning on the idea of writing articles to promote your site. You are telling yourself that it is not a new strategy and it has been going for the past few years.

You know that thousands of articles are written everyday and distributed through article directories and submission services. You can still continue promoting your site using article directories and submission services. However, I will mention a few new twists to the old article publishing idea to distinguish you from the pack.

Write original articles. If you buy private level rights to an article, rewrite it to make it unique. You don't have to buy the rights to private level articles to create original article. Using the Internet, find good quality articles on the subject that interests you and read those articles. It requires a few hours of time commitment every week.

On the weekend, take an additional few hours and write in your own words what you have read in the preceding week. Voila, you have a good quality original article. Remember, you can always write in your own words the ideas that you have read in other articles. You cannot simply copy verbatim from other articles. That will be copyright violation.

If you are good at writing humorously, do exploit that skill while writing on any subject. Humor is very powerful and it attracts more readers. People love a bellyful of laughs. If possible, say something bold or controversial without being a hate monger. This will also attract others' attention.

Once you have your original article written, find a few quality content rich site (not article directories) and offer them your article for free with your resource box attached. You are not asking for any link exchange, you are just giving away your high quality articles for free to a few selected sites.

Once you have a few good articles on the same subject, compile them into an e-book. Write a short bio(less than 300 characters) with your Web site link and ask a few selected site owners to distribute your e-book for free to their visitors. You can also ask other site owners to include your e-book as a free bonus in some of their prime selling products. Ask the site owners to distribute the e-book from their sites with courtesy notes and links back to your site.

If your Web site has a forum, offer other sites to use it from their sites. Setup your forum so that it has almost seamless integration from other sites. Ask other sites to directly link to your forum from their main menu. In return, tell them that you will write nice reviews of their sites and their offerings and publish those reviews in your site.

Develop a tips and tricks section on the subject of your Web site and update it regularly. Allow other sites to publish your tips and tricks for free with courtesy links to your site. Make the process automated (using RSS other techniques) so that when you update your tips and tricks page, all sites publishing your tips and tricks are also updated.

Whenever you get an opportunity, use your cell phone to shoot short videos and take pictures. You need to get a good cell phone with a camera. Give your pictures and videos to other sites for free. Ask them to put links back to your site below every video and picture they publish in their sites.

Join a few social networking sites like MySapce, etc. Create your Web pages on those sites with videos and pictures. Provide links back to your site from those pages. Update your Web pages in social networking sites periodically with fresh videos and pictures.

Publish link to your articles in community based popularity sites like digg. A well "dugg" story can generate thousands of hits to your site. If you have a controversial or humorous story, the chances are even better for "digging" your articles from these type of sites.

Write reviews of products and services, related to your site's subject, that you have used and publish those reviews on different review sites with a clever way to put links back to your site. Some creativity is required to achieve this feat. You cannot simply spam these review sites. Be genuine and at the same time marketing savvy.

Network and build good rapport with a dozen or so good site owners. Help each other in site promotion, idea and content exchanges. For all content exchanges, don't forget to include resource boxes with links back to your site.

About the Author:

Kevin Sinclair is the publisher and editor of, a site that provides information and articles on how to succeed in your own home or small business.

Article Source: - New Strategy For Inbound Links

Monday, July 20, 2009

Blogging tips to engage the reader

Are you writing for yourself or for the reader?

The difference in motivation varies for all writers and especially bloggers. A blogger generally wants to get his message out there. He wants to have his say in the world. In some cases readers really appreciate that and appreciate an honest opinion. In many cases however they want to have confirmation of what they expect in the world.

If the purpose of your message is to reach the reader there are certain points that you need to consider. Most readers are very busy and want straight specific information. They usually scan the article meaning they see the title, the first sentence or two, subtitles and the ending. Maybe they will even check to see who the author is. Then they click another site, perhaps gone forever.

If the reader finds a point he wants to remember or recall later, that is when they bookmark the site. This is the time they send it to others. I think most people want quick information now and later want to return if they can see value in it. If the article is too short or doesn’t provide perceived value, they click on to something else.

There are times you need some back story or basic information for the reader and at other times you need more specific information. A great site provides both allowing the reader to feel comfortable with the article. Internal links are a wonderful thing. It gives additional information to only those that need it.
Another great way to isolate a reader into the part he is looking for is the use of subtopics. Remember this is where the eyes are concentrating. If you don’t obtain their attention they will not take time to hunt for what they need. They know other sites have information for them as well.

At the ending, you need to let the reader know you are the expert in this field. This is usually the last chance you have in the reader remembering or book marking your site. This is also a great place to add additional links for the reader to check on. Let’s face it; he is planning on going somewhere. It might as well be another one of your articles.

What are your thoughts on engaging the reader?
Johnny Ray

Friday, July 17, 2009

Blogging tips on having a successful blog

Important tips to having a successful blog

After developing a nice blog site you have to have traffic to be successful in getting your word or message out to the general public. This is the main points you always have to keep in mind.

1)The saying that content is king is so true. This is why people come to your site and why they will return and tell others about it. They want original content that is timely and answers a question or amuses them in some form.

2)Readers want fresh content and will quickly quit coming if they see nothing new on the site. On a new site it means posting every day. When you have a lot of content it can be spaced more. They want to follow a blog that has something new and interesting in it for them.

3)Engage other bloggers in blogging communities and enter communities that specialize in your area of expertise. This is a great way to pick up new readers. It is also a great way to learn what readers are looking for. It is also a great feeling to have readers list you on their blog rolls.

4)It is always important to post with a certain style and tone to your work. The readers want to feel comfortable and expect you to be the same every time they come. They soon expect you to be like a friend they can find predictable.

5)Think about search engines and seo when you post. The keywords you want to capture have to be repeated on every post. It is good to have those keywords in front of you every time you post. This is what is going to get you found in the search engines.

To be successful you have to put in the time. If you want readers you have to love reading other blogs. People love to return the favor of a great comment on their site. Learn to explore other sites and you will have many new ideas for your own site as well as having fun along the way.

Johnny Ray

Monday, July 13, 2009

The importance of becoming the expert in your field is one of the best blogging tips you will ever receive.

Let's face it people use the internet to find the best answer to a question or a desire they have--they want an expert.

I think this brings up the question of exactly what is an expert. Obviously it is someone that has researched the subject and perhaps published many articles on it. On any one particular subject it is really not that hard to be known as an expert. The trick is concentration and determination to know more than others. The perception is easier than you think.

Johnny Ray

Article Marketing Tips - How to Become an Authority Figure Through Article Marketing

Author: Fabian Tan

Article marketing is probably one of the most cost-efficient and high prospect-generating ways to drive traffic to your website out there. The truth is, anyone can get out there with a bunch of optimized articles and start generating targeted traffic to their website by the weekend.

Here is another less mentioned 'perk' of article promotion: it is a great way to brand yourself as an authority figure in your niche.

Here is how to do it:

1. Write articles that original. If you write articles with original and new content, people will sit up and take notice immediately. Writing 'me too' articles is less likely to achieve the same effect. So write hard-hitting articles that deliver strong opinions and content, and you'll become an authority figure in no time.

2. Don't be a perpetual product pusher! In other words, provide content to your readers as well as mixing them up with promotions. Write pre-sell reviews of affiliate products instead of blatantly promoting them all the time. This will get you more readership and greater word of mouth.

3. Get your articles all over the Internet. Allow others to republish your articles, and distribute your articles to dozens of article directories. Submit all your articles to the best directories to expand your marketing reach.

4. Use your articles to build a list by driving your traffic to an opt-in page. By building a list, you have a mechanism where you can contact your potential prospects over and over again with content and promotions.

These 4 'shortcuts' will take you to the upper echelons of article marketers in no time!

About the Author:

Fabian Tan is a well-known Internet
expert and the author of the popular 59-page Report:

"Murder Your Job: How To Build Cash Sucking Autopilot Businesses In 30
Days Or Less!"

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Article Source: - Article Marketing Tips - How to Become an Authority Figure Through Article Marketing

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Blogging tips on creating Pillar Post

Creating Pillar Post
While creating attention to your site, the more articles you have the better up to an extent. The content must be interesting and fit the need of the reader. And while many post are short, the blog must have some central post that really anchor the blog. These are the ones you want quoted on other people’s blogs. These take much more time to research and write. In general they are much longer and full of details. They are the type post that can be just as good today as they will be years from now. This is not a time to copy and paste from a free article site. This is a post that the writer needs to express his own point of view based on his own research. This is the time you want the readers to understand that you are the expert, the reason to come back again and again. Original post also helps with the search engine rankings. After all, the search engines are designed to help readers find answers from experts. Another added benefit is the amount of attraction from other experts and writers that it generates and hopefully will lead to links to the article from their own sites. The additional links also greatly help with your ranking.
By taking the time to have a least five to six of these pillar articles on your blog, the rewards will come in for years. In fact, I’ve heard that at least one major pillar needs to be added every month. Remember this is where you make your mark. This is where you convince your readers that you are, in fact the expert. So, spend the time and do the research and become known as the expert in your field.
Johnny Ray

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Great video on blogging and twitter tips

Blogging and twitter tips

It pays to listen to the professor when it comes to learning some of the great secrets and tips of becoming a great blogger. These tips on blogging presented in this video are great.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Great blogging and great writing go hand and hand

I think it is easy to say that to be a great blogger you also have to be a great writer. Learning from the advice of others is sometimes much easier than learning it in the college of hard knocks. This article gives you a lot of advice that needs to be applied on a daily bases.

Johnny Ray

Mark Twain, Stephen King, adjectives, and hell

Author: Tom Aaron

If you look for advice on your writing, surf the Internet and you will find advice galore. One writing site tells you that one reason we plunk down money for writers like Stephen King is because they use adverbs to make their writing interesting. While adverbs, like adjectives, can help your writing in moderation, many writers overuse and abuse them. This overuse and abuse has resulted in today's overly strong reaction against adverbs and adjectives. As King says, "The road to hell is paved with adverbs."

Mark Twain shared King's lack of excitement about adverbs. He wrote about them in his "Reply to a Boston Girl," in the June 1880 issue of Atlantic Monthly:

I am dead to adverbs; they cannot excite me. To misplace an adverb is a thing which I am able to do with frozen indifference; it can never give me a pang. ... There are subtleties which I cannot master at all,--they confuse me, they mean absolutely nothing to me,--and this adverb plague is one of them. ... Yes, there are things which we cannot learn, and there is no use in fretting about it. I cannot learn adverbs; and what is more I won't.

King and Twain are looking at writing textually rather than from a grammar perspective. Thinking of grammar, most adverbs end with "ly". A number of writing sites suggest using your search function to find "ly" and editing it out unless the adverb is absolutely necessary. Following this advice, I checked this draft. I found three examples with "ly", two were mine and one was Twain's.

1. From me: This overuse and abuse has resulted in today's overly strong reaction against adverbs and adjectives.

2. From Mark Twain: they mean absolutely nothing to me,

3. From me: A number of writing sites suggest using your search function to find "ly" and editing it out unless it is absolutely necessary.

Let's see if we can edit these adverbs out and improve the texts:

Example 1

Original text: This overuse and abuse has resulted in today's overly strong reaction against adverbs and adjectives.

Revised text: This overuse has resulted in today's strong reaction against adverbs and adjectives, ignoring their value and place in English.

The new text deleted "overly" and added a phrase starting with a gerund, a phrase using a gerund and nouns. From reading this phrase, we can tell that the reaction is too strong and we explain why: because the reaction ignores the value and place of adverbs and adjectives in English. The question is which is your preference: an adjective or the additional informative text?

Example 2

Original text: they mean absolutely nothing to me,

Revised text: they mean nothing to me,

I hesitate to edit the words of Mark Twain. Were he here today, he might agree about deleting "absolutely." Or he might say that "absolutely nothing" sounds better. After all, they both mean the same thing.

Example 3

Original text: A number of writing sites suggest using your search function to find "ly" and editing it out unless it is absolutely necessary.

Revised text: Some writing sites suggest using your search function to find "ly" and editing "ly" out unless the adjective is necessary or improves the writing.

In example 3, more text was edited than simply the adjective. In order to have authentic examples of adjective use in this article, the draft was not edited before selecting the examples. Thus the original text contains unnecessary words, an empty it, and an adjective, all of which were edited out. The new text, without absolutely, is better.

When you write and edit your writing, edit out adjectives whenever possible. If you have difficulty editing your writing, some suggestions may help. You could have two places for your writing work. One place is where you work to write and the other is where you work to edit. The two places are much like the two hat approach. You wear your writer's hat, the blue hat with the red feather, when you write, and you wear your editor's hat, the green hat with the blue feather, when you edit. You sit near the window when you write; you go to the coffee shop when you edit. In writing you may cherish adjectives, but in editing you search and destroy without hesitation.

If you put your writing away for a week, you may be able to read the text as if it had been written by someone else. You may feel no connection to the writing and given the lack of connection, you may begin to edit without feeling ownership of the text.

Still, in spite of everything we've said, moderate adjective use can improve writing.

About the Author:

You can find Aaron Language Services on the Web at
If you can't read Japanese, you can always reach us via our personnel page.

Article Source: - Mark Twain, Stephen King, adjectives, and hell

Friday, June 12, 2009

Staying focused to make a better blog

How to improving your blogging

One of the top problems with many blogs is the lack of focus. Sometimes there is no clear cut purpose in having one other than the fact the author just wanted one. It is important to remember you have to give the reader a reason to want to go to your site. I know we all think we are extremely interesting or funny, but in reality unless you showcase it and let your reader know that, he will usually never come back. Readers don’t like being sidetracked or tricked into reading something. They usually are hunting for something and have many places to look.
So, what do you want your reader to do? Perhaps you want your reader to become a new friend, to buy something from you, or to simply to agree with your way of thinking. In any case, the tone and the message must be clear. A blog is in many ways a two way street. It requires a little give and take. And many people only give back after you give to them.
It is good to write a post on exactly what you are trying to accomplish. It will help not only you, but your visitors. It will definitely help you stay focused.

Johnny Ray
I’ve created several new blogs I’m focusing on now. One is concerning the mortgage business and the other is on Grilling steaks. If you have time check them out.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Blogging tips, the need to be consistent

Blogging consistently is one of the best blogging tips
As any business man can tell you, it is all about the repeat customer. In a bloggers case, it is repeat readers. To keep readers coming back to your site, you have to have new material for them to see. If your site is mainly for references and a source of information that is static, perhaps a permanent web site would do better. The main attraction in a blog is the currently updated information. There is always many other blogs you compete with and once one of your readers finds another site to entertain them, they may not come back.
So, how often should you blog? While it varies with the individual and the site, many sources will say that you should add to your blog at least once a day. Yes, it takes some commitment in your time. This commitment comes from developing the blog site, maintaining it, researching the material for the blog, actually writing it and finally letting cyberspace know you have it out there. And, of course, staying in contact with your constituents that leave comments is important and can be time consuming as well.
It is important to stay in a rhythm; a history of daily post followed by several days of no post will leave your readers confused. In the same reasoning too many posts in a short period time to make up for not posting earlier will leave many of the articles unread. It doesn’t hurt to experiment some when you first start blogging, but soon the proper rhythm can be obtained with a little analysis of your account. This is a good reason to study your analytics on your site. While many people offer blogging tips, the most important ones are the ones you research on your own through a complete analysis of your blog.

Johnny Ray

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Content is King

How good are you at writing content?

The bases of any blog have to be the content. Yes, it is great to have fantastic graphics, but if you don’t have something to say that is of interest to your readers they soon get bored. They also get bored if they see articles they are not specifically interested in. With this in mind, the content has to follow the original plan for the site. You have to know who your target market is. It also helps to know who the people that come to your site are. Using products like Google analytics can help a lot.
Not only must the content be in tune with your readers, it has to short and concise. Take a look at how long readers stay on your site. Is it ten or fifteen minutes? You wish. Most of the time and for most sites it can be measured in seconds. The attention span of most people surfing the web tends to be very short. They want information and know there are many places to find it. If you can provide them with what they want, they may bookmark your site for additional visits later. This is your best hope in getting traffic to your site. They want to know they can find answers on your site.
Another main consideration is how current your information is. Yes, it can take a lot of time to update every day, but it can be worth it. It only takes once or twice for the reader to lose interest and never return. Some articles can be short and others long, but the most important thing is to be regular in your post.
Feel free to post your comments and observations.
Johnny Ray

Driving traffic to your web site

Constantly looking around the net to find new ideas I saw this article that I think everyone will enjoy. Much of the news is common sense, but I hope there are some gems in there you can use. If anyone wants to add sites or comments, please feel free to do so.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Effective Writing applied to Blogs

Writing a blog that people would want to read and remember is like any kind of writing; it has to be effective and interesting. I think the article below by Christina Pomoni is very good in highlighting this important point of blog writing.

Johnny Ray

Ways to become a more effective writer

Author: Christina Pomoni

Writing reflects an author’s mind set down on paper. An author’s style is, in effect, his/her choice of what words to use and how to use them in writing. But, it is also attitude; the attitude the author has towards the topic and the audience.

From ancient times, writing has been the means to communicate and transfer knowledge in a direct, immediate way. In modern society, language is the chief liaison between an author’s brain and the minds of an audience. If a writer wants to be understood, the use of effective language is a key priority.

Typically, when we talk, syntax is not modulated, sentences are incomplete and words are abbreviated. If the habits of oral speech are transferred into the written speech the results are indistinct. Imprecise language may distort the writer’s ideas.

So, what constitutes effective writing? Experienced writers are prompted to experiment with writing as they go along. They write for quite sometime, they leave their work and return with a fresh perspective. This break allows them to see their work from a distance and judge it, impartially and objectively. Normally, the changes that they make after these short breaks work for the better.

Effective writing is a fundamental part of journalism. Writing with creativity requires primarily a focus on the expectations of the audience. Trying to catch what the audience expects is a good basis for building up a good article. At the same time, the writer should have a clear idea of what he wants to tell the audience in relation to the story. Without a clear plan, it’s easy to be out of subject.

To develop the plan of the story, experienced writers use the inverted pyramid. Introducing a headline that excites the audience and a sub-title that provides an insightful summary of the topic, the inverted pyramid format helps readers to get quick information on the article even if they do not read it all. The most valuable information is in a lead paragraph on the top, written in a captivating way so that readers are fascinated to read more.

Good writers always write about what they know avoiding subjects they are not so familiar with. Although the Internet is a valuable source of information, details do not come easy if the writer doesn’t know the topic. For instance, Hemingway’s ambulance vivid descriptions were coming from the heart as he was an ambulance driver himself.

Good writers are also voracious readers. Reading a lot helps building up grammar skills, using proper punctuation and developing a rich vocabulary. It is very important that a writer knows grammar and understands what he writes. Otherwise, the article construction is poor and the reader is lost. Also, the use of jumbled vocabulary results in distortion of ideas.

By reading different types of readings helps in getting acquainted with diverse writing styles and setting up themes for plotting stories. Acquiring variety in writing helps also in avoiding repetition and developing imagination. In that way, the writer grasps the reader with new writing techniques and strategies among a wide variety of topics and styles.

Effective writing is, also, the result of good mood. Putting orderly ideas on a piece of paper requires good energy and positive thinking. When someone is tired and stressed, he cannot think properly. The writing process requires a relaxed state of mind so that the brain is set on the topic of interest and works at its best. A positive attitude based on realistic expectations always works wonders. Hence, good writers have fun with writing.

The main advantage of writing over oral communication is that it provides time for proofreading. An effective writer always proofreads his writings; otherwise he may look like lazy, incompetent or rude towards the audience.

By and large, writing is an ongoing process that needs constant effort and development of writing skills. Especially in journalism, writing is a powerful tool that derives its influence from its potential as a resourceful and valuable means of communication. Good journalists are engaged with the moral duty to produce strong articles that comply with the use of accurate language as a means of effective communication.

About the Author:

I work as a financial and investment advisor but my passion is writing, music and photography. Writing mostly about finance, business and music, being an amateur photographer and a professional dj, I am inspired from life.

Being a strong advocate of simplicity in life, I love my family, my partner and all the people that have stood by me with or without knowing. And I hope that someday, human nature will cease to be greedy and demanding realizing that the more we have the more we want and the more we satisfy our needs the more needs we create. And this is so needless after all.

Article Source: - Ways to become a more effective writer