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I am been absent for a while, but am back to working with friends to help everyone learn how to blog better. I hope you find the articles and insight helpful.

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The main reason to do keyword research is to rank quickly and as high as possible in search engines.  Gone are the days in which all you needed to do was write articles without much planning.  Today it takes careful planning and a good plan of attack.  Hopefully these Tips to Blog will provide direction on how to do a thorough research to drive free traffic to your website.

Tips to Blog: What is Keyword Research and Why is it so Important?

Keyword research is the study of search terms people enter into search engines to find out more information on a topic.  Once your research is complete you will write an article or post on your blog centered on the keyword or keyword phrase that you have chosen.
Why is this study so important?  Because if you can find a way to rank on the first page of Google, you will notice a major increase in traffic to your website.  With more visitors to your website means more sales.  More sales mean more money in your pocket.
Tips to Blog: Where to Get Started

Google has a free keyword search tool to help with your research, go to . This tool will provide you with lots of great information.   In the FIND KEYWORDS box, type in the keyword or keyword phrase you want to research. 

The results of your keyword research show 4 very important facts of information:

• Column 1- Represents other possible keywords to consider
• Column 2- Shows the competition for that keyword 
• Column 3- The amount of monthly searches on the global market
• Column 4- The amount of monthly searches on the local market

The ideal keyword result is to find keywords with low competition and with large monthly searches.  Find a keyword or keyword phrase that has less that 25competition and with more than 1,000 monthly local searches.  The lower the competition, the better chance to rank quickly in Google.   If your niche is very competitive, then keep your competition level as low as possible.  If you are experienced, then you can be more aggressive and go after highly competitive keywords.   

In conclusion, I share several key Tips to Blog.  Before you consider writing your next article on you blog, may I suggest that you use Google\'s FREE keyword research tool to provide you with focused direction.  Think about the purpose of your blog. Why do you have a blog?  If it is to make money, then you need to find ways to generate traffic to your website.  Writing good content is the key to ranking higher in search engines.  So what do you write about?  It all starts with a good keyword research.

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