Sunday, April 25, 2010

Professional blogger Johnny Ray hunts for the best blogs

Award Winning Novelist Johnny Ray's quest to find the best blogs and video promotions.

When it comes to blogs on blogging which ones are you favorites? What does it take to become a great blog. What keeps you coming back? Today I will be surfing the web in the hunt for an answer. Please let me know what your thoughts are today. I will try to summarize all of the comments in a post in a few days. I have a list of my blogs here
I'm also interested in blog videos as well. I love to know how people plan to brand their name or product to make it stand out.
Now, time for me to do some surfing, I hope you will help me on this web surfing Sunday.

Johnny Ray
Award Winning Novelist


  1. Hi Johnny,

    The blog has to have useful content. Also the blog can't contain clutter. If a blog contains too much clutter and takes a long time to load, then I pretty much click away.

    I'd say that the content must be useful and helpful to others.

  2. Hello,

    My favorite blogs are those that offer useful information, educate people and then point to a product that can help them. I don't like blogs that have adsense ads before the post because it makes it hard to find the actual post. Your blogs are nice because the ads are on the sides and offer great information. Keep up the good work!!!

  3. I think short and sweet is best. If it's too lengthy most people just leave unless they like reading a lot. So keep it as short as possible. Also use visual aides like pictures and videos. Make sure though the page loads quick so not to many pics and videos. Just my two cents. Check out my blog and give me any constructive criticism you have.

  4. I agree with Tummy. People who search for real solution, for them we need to short the post and just post the real solution by short text. Real professional people dont have more time to waste. So from my view we need to maintain three things
    1.Quality content.
    2.Nice outlook
    3.Must load faster.
    Recently i lunch my blog by following this three rules.
    Check out and let me know if you have any good suggestion.