Monday, July 27, 2009

The basic tips and advice on blogging, a great place to start

Some of the best tips on blogging come from simple common sense
To have a great blog you need to follow simple proven advice on building your blog and promoting it. The following article is very good at reminding you what you need to do.
Johnny Ray

5 Hard and Fast Blogging Tips
Author: TJ Philpott

If making money is your goal, here are 5 vital blogging tips to insure your blog has a solid foundation from which it can grow.

1) Have knowledge or a Passion to Learn

If you don't have some knowledge of or at least a passion to learn more about the material you're blogging about it will be difficult to add content to your blog. Your knowledge or passion will be the motivation needed to continually post content that is both interesting and useful to your readers. It will also make your posting routine more enjoyable and less like work.

2) Establish a domain name

It is recommended that you purchase your 'own' domain name. The cost is minimal and and it will look more legitimate to your visitors. Also your domain will be more highly regarded by the online advertising networks, many of which will not accept sites without their own domain names.

You'll also want to have your site hosted as opposed to a free site since this gives you total control of the site. A site hosted by for instance Google or wordpress can be shut down at any time due to any activity they view as a violation of their policies.

3) Keep Your Content Current

The more frequent you post to your blog the better. Your posts should remain fresh to encourage visitors to return while attracting new readers as well. Think of it as breathing air into the life lungs of the blog.

4) Identify with Your Readers

Be sure to cater to the interests of your readers by responding to and acting upon their comments. With the ability to interact with your visitors thru the comments they leave comes the opportunity for you to know them better. What is it they want to read about? What problems may they have that you can assist them with? Don't ignore your readers; speak TO them not AT them. Their appreciation of this will be reflected by them continually returning to your blog.

5) Setting up a Money Making Blog

If you're interested in making money by blogging, there are ways to optimize your blog to accomplish this. The use of banner ads that reflect products you may want to sell is a very popular and passive way to earn an income. Please note that by representing or promoting multiple products or services will diversify your income opportunities. Expecting to make a living with just one product is unrealistic. Google adsense, affiliate products, and other online advertisers looking for viable ad space are some of the more popular ways to monetize a blog, but by no means do the opportunities stop there.

I hope these basic yet vital blogging tips have given you a definitive direction in which to take your blog. Also remember to blog about something your interested in. The point is to make this experience enjoyable not only for your readers, but also for you!

About the Author:

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.

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Article Source: - 5 Hard and Fast Blogging Tips

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The top five blogging tips for bloggers

The article below is great on pinpointing the top five tips on blogging
Everyone has different goals concerning their blog, but all can have similar methods in obtaining them. Studying the tips on blogging from many sources often leads to a discovery of what works for the individual.
Johnny Ray

5 Blogging Tips Every Blogger Should Know

Author: Cory Threlfall
Blogging is a great way to earn a living and get your views out there on the World Wide Web. No matter whether you are blogging in order to make a living or simply want to express your opinion on a subject near and dear to your heart, there are 5 blogging tips which every blogger should know and follow in order to make your blog a complete success.

Blog About What You Know

It is really important to blog about what you know. Since you are providing information to the masses and most individuals depend on this information for accurate details, it is crucial that you blog about the things you know best. As far as blogging tips go, this is an extremely important one. You want to make sure not only that the information you disperse to the public is accurate but also that the topic is easy for you to write about.

Take Advantage of Money Making Ventures Via Blogging

Whether you are blogging for work or fun, there are many ways to turn your blog into a money making venture. This is one of the more vital blogging tips as most people want to make some money while doing what they love. Various money making ventures via blogging include affiliate programs, pay per click programs and selling your own products through your blog.

Keep Your Blog Current and Up to Date

In the grand scheme of blogging tips, the following is quite important. You want to always be sure to keep your blog information current and up to date. Blogging consists of new information which is continuously kept current. This will also help you to make more money should you have money making programs attached to your blog.

Fill Your Blog with Helpful Information

Some of the best blogs out there these days are ones which provide helpful information to the readers. Although it is interesting to simply read one's blog about their life or past experiences, it is even better to leave the blog having gathered helpful information about one subject or another. Filling your blog with this helpful information will make it that much more popular and aid individuals in their day to day lives.

Make Every Blog Entry Interesting and Engaging

The last of these blogging tips which you should consider in your daily blogging journeys is to make every blog entry interesting and engaging. It doesn't matter what the topic may be, there are ways to spin them so that they interest and engage the readers. This will keep them coming back from more. This means that those who use their blogs to make money will have repeat customers on a frequent basis. You want your blog to stand out from the rest as there are so many different blogs on the Internet. When writing your blog entries, think of what you would want to read on someone else's blog and what would keep you coming back for more time and time again.

About the Author:

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Blogging tips on building links

Building links to your site is work but worth it for a professional blogger
One of the greatest tips on blogging is the development of in bound links. This is and will be for a long time the major part of the search engine's responsibility in finding the most relevant web or blog sites. The article below details how important this is.
Johnny Ray

New Strategy For Inbound LinksAuthor: Kevin Sinclair

In this article I am coming back to the oldest Web marketing strategy - inbound links. The importance of inbound links to your Web site never diminishes. Search engines still value quality inbound links to a Web site for higher rankings. However, the emphasize is now on the quality, not the quantity of links. A dozen quality links to your site from useful sites are more valuable to a search engine than 700 links obtained through a link exchange program.

Before I discuss how to obtain quality inbound links to your site, I would like to mention some don'ts of inbound link strategy. Never participate in an automated or manual link exchange program. These programs are useless; they don't benefit you and sometimes the search engines may even penalize your site for such links. Also, stop soliciting link exchange from other sites where your links will be placed in a link farm on a page along with hundreds of other links. The two don'ts are - link exchange program and link farms.

Now I will talk about the new strategy. The number one strategy is to write articles with your resource box attached. Your resource box should mention your expertise in the subject and only one link to your site's home page. I know you have already started frowning on the idea of writing articles to promote your site. You are telling yourself that it is not a new strategy and it has been going for the past few years.

You know that thousands of articles are written everyday and distributed through article directories and submission services. You can still continue promoting your site using article directories and submission services. However, I will mention a few new twists to the old article publishing idea to distinguish you from the pack.

Write original articles. If you buy private level rights to an article, rewrite it to make it unique. You don't have to buy the rights to private level articles to create original article. Using the Internet, find good quality articles on the subject that interests you and read those articles. It requires a few hours of time commitment every week.

On the weekend, take an additional few hours and write in your own words what you have read in the preceding week. Voila, you have a good quality original article. Remember, you can always write in your own words the ideas that you have read in other articles. You cannot simply copy verbatim from other articles. That will be copyright violation.

If you are good at writing humorously, do exploit that skill while writing on any subject. Humor is very powerful and it attracts more readers. People love a bellyful of laughs. If possible, say something bold or controversial without being a hate monger. This will also attract others' attention.

Once you have your original article written, find a few quality content rich site (not article directories) and offer them your article for free with your resource box attached. You are not asking for any link exchange, you are just giving away your high quality articles for free to a few selected sites.

Once you have a few good articles on the same subject, compile them into an e-book. Write a short bio(less than 300 characters) with your Web site link and ask a few selected site owners to distribute your e-book for free to their visitors. You can also ask other site owners to include your e-book as a free bonus in some of their prime selling products. Ask the site owners to distribute the e-book from their sites with courtesy notes and links back to your site.

If your Web site has a forum, offer other sites to use it from their sites. Setup your forum so that it has almost seamless integration from other sites. Ask other sites to directly link to your forum from their main menu. In return, tell them that you will write nice reviews of their sites and their offerings and publish those reviews in your site.

Develop a tips and tricks section on the subject of your Web site and update it regularly. Allow other sites to publish your tips and tricks for free with courtesy links to your site. Make the process automated (using RSS other techniques) so that when you update your tips and tricks page, all sites publishing your tips and tricks are also updated.

Whenever you get an opportunity, use your cell phone to shoot short videos and take pictures. You need to get a good cell phone with a camera. Give your pictures and videos to other sites for free. Ask them to put links back to your site below every video and picture they publish in their sites.

Join a few social networking sites like MySapce, etc. Create your Web pages on those sites with videos and pictures. Provide links back to your site from those pages. Update your Web pages in social networking sites periodically with fresh videos and pictures.

Publish link to your articles in community based popularity sites like digg. A well "dugg" story can generate thousands of hits to your site. If you have a controversial or humorous story, the chances are even better for "digging" your articles from these type of sites.

Write reviews of products and services, related to your site's subject, that you have used and publish those reviews on different review sites with a clever way to put links back to your site. Some creativity is required to achieve this feat. You cannot simply spam these review sites. Be genuine and at the same time marketing savvy.

Network and build good rapport with a dozen or so good site owners. Help each other in site promotion, idea and content exchanges. For all content exchanges, don't forget to include resource boxes with links back to your site.

About the Author:

Kevin Sinclair is the publisher and editor of, a site that provides information and articles on how to succeed in your own home or small business.

Article Source: - New Strategy For Inbound Links

Monday, July 20, 2009

Blogging tips to engage the reader

Are you writing for yourself or for the reader?

The difference in motivation varies for all writers and especially bloggers. A blogger generally wants to get his message out there. He wants to have his say in the world. In some cases readers really appreciate that and appreciate an honest opinion. In many cases however they want to have confirmation of what they expect in the world.

If the purpose of your message is to reach the reader there are certain points that you need to consider. Most readers are very busy and want straight specific information. They usually scan the article meaning they see the title, the first sentence or two, subtitles and the ending. Maybe they will even check to see who the author is. Then they click another site, perhaps gone forever.

If the reader finds a point he wants to remember or recall later, that is when they bookmark the site. This is the time they send it to others. I think most people want quick information now and later want to return if they can see value in it. If the article is too short or doesn’t provide perceived value, they click on to something else.

There are times you need some back story or basic information for the reader and at other times you need more specific information. A great site provides both allowing the reader to feel comfortable with the article. Internal links are a wonderful thing. It gives additional information to only those that need it.
Another great way to isolate a reader into the part he is looking for is the use of subtopics. Remember this is where the eyes are concentrating. If you don’t obtain their attention they will not take time to hunt for what they need. They know other sites have information for them as well.

At the ending, you need to let the reader know you are the expert in this field. This is usually the last chance you have in the reader remembering or book marking your site. This is also a great place to add additional links for the reader to check on. Let’s face it; he is planning on going somewhere. It might as well be another one of your articles.

What are your thoughts on engaging the reader?
Johnny Ray

Friday, July 17, 2009

Blogging tips on having a successful blog

Important tips to having a successful blog

After developing a nice blog site you have to have traffic to be successful in getting your word or message out to the general public. This is the main points you always have to keep in mind.

1)The saying that content is king is so true. This is why people come to your site and why they will return and tell others about it. They want original content that is timely and answers a question or amuses them in some form.

2)Readers want fresh content and will quickly quit coming if they see nothing new on the site. On a new site it means posting every day. When you have a lot of content it can be spaced more. They want to follow a blog that has something new and interesting in it for them.

3)Engage other bloggers in blogging communities and enter communities that specialize in your area of expertise. This is a great way to pick up new readers. It is also a great way to learn what readers are looking for. It is also a great feeling to have readers list you on their blog rolls.

4)It is always important to post with a certain style and tone to your work. The readers want to feel comfortable and expect you to be the same every time they come. They soon expect you to be like a friend they can find predictable.

5)Think about search engines and seo when you post. The keywords you want to capture have to be repeated on every post. It is good to have those keywords in front of you every time you post. This is what is going to get you found in the search engines.

To be successful you have to put in the time. If you want readers you have to love reading other blogs. People love to return the favor of a great comment on their site. Learn to explore other sites and you will have many new ideas for your own site as well as having fun along the way.

Johnny Ray

Monday, July 13, 2009

The importance of becoming the expert in your field is one of the best blogging tips you will ever receive.

Let's face it people use the internet to find the best answer to a question or a desire they have--they want an expert.

I think this brings up the question of exactly what is an expert. Obviously it is someone that has researched the subject and perhaps published many articles on it. On any one particular subject it is really not that hard to be known as an expert. The trick is concentration and determination to know more than others. The perception is easier than you think.

Johnny Ray

Article Marketing Tips - How to Become an Authority Figure Through Article Marketing

Author: Fabian Tan

Article marketing is probably one of the most cost-efficient and high prospect-generating ways to drive traffic to your website out there. The truth is, anyone can get out there with a bunch of optimized articles and start generating targeted traffic to their website by the weekend.

Here is another less mentioned 'perk' of article promotion: it is a great way to brand yourself as an authority figure in your niche.

Here is how to do it:

1. Write articles that original. If you write articles with original and new content, people will sit up and take notice immediately. Writing 'me too' articles is less likely to achieve the same effect. So write hard-hitting articles that deliver strong opinions and content, and you'll become an authority figure in no time.

2. Don't be a perpetual product pusher! In other words, provide content to your readers as well as mixing them up with promotions. Write pre-sell reviews of affiliate products instead of blatantly promoting them all the time. This will get you more readership and greater word of mouth.

3. Get your articles all over the Internet. Allow others to republish your articles, and distribute your articles to dozens of article directories. Submit all your articles to the best directories to expand your marketing reach.

4. Use your articles to build a list by driving your traffic to an opt-in page. By building a list, you have a mechanism where you can contact your potential prospects over and over again with content and promotions.

These 4 'shortcuts' will take you to the upper echelons of article marketers in no time!

About the Author:

Fabian Tan is a well-known Internet
expert and the author of the popular 59-page Report:

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Blogging tips on creating Pillar Post

Creating Pillar Post
While creating attention to your site, the more articles you have the better up to an extent. The content must be interesting and fit the need of the reader. And while many post are short, the blog must have some central post that really anchor the blog. These are the ones you want quoted on other people’s blogs. These take much more time to research and write. In general they are much longer and full of details. They are the type post that can be just as good today as they will be years from now. This is not a time to copy and paste from a free article site. This is a post that the writer needs to express his own point of view based on his own research. This is the time you want the readers to understand that you are the expert, the reason to come back again and again. Original post also helps with the search engine rankings. After all, the search engines are designed to help readers find answers from experts. Another added benefit is the amount of attraction from other experts and writers that it generates and hopefully will lead to links to the article from their own sites. The additional links also greatly help with your ranking.
By taking the time to have a least five to six of these pillar articles on your blog, the rewards will come in for years. In fact, I’ve heard that at least one major pillar needs to be added every month. Remember this is where you make your mark. This is where you convince your readers that you are, in fact the expert. So, spend the time and do the research and become known as the expert in your field.
Johnny Ray