Thursday, June 4, 2009

Content is King

How good are you at writing content?

The bases of any blog have to be the content. Yes, it is great to have fantastic graphics, but if you don’t have something to say that is of interest to your readers they soon get bored. They also get bored if they see articles they are not specifically interested in. With this in mind, the content has to follow the original plan for the site. You have to know who your target market is. It also helps to know who the people that come to your site are. Using products like Google analytics can help a lot.
Not only must the content be in tune with your readers, it has to short and concise. Take a look at how long readers stay on your site. Is it ten or fifteen minutes? You wish. Most of the time and for most sites it can be measured in seconds. The attention span of most people surfing the web tends to be very short. They want information and know there are many places to find it. If you can provide them with what they want, they may bookmark your site for additional visits later. This is your best hope in getting traffic to your site. They want to know they can find answers on your site.
Another main consideration is how current your information is. Yes, it can take a lot of time to update every day, but it can be worth it. It only takes once or twice for the reader to lose interest and never return. Some articles can be short and others long, but the most important thing is to be regular in your post.
Feel free to post your comments and observations.
Johnny Ray

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  1. this is the most difficult of being success in blogging..
    man... there is no formula to get this done or well done... it's about the reader's feeling...
    if they feel satisfied, we get them, and if they don't we lost them...
    and Mr. john can you review some of my article?
    is it bad or good?

    thx, waiting for your reply
    i'll check your blog very often