Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Blogging tips, the need to be consistent

Blogging consistently is one of the best blogging tips
As any business man can tell you, it is all about the repeat customer. In a bloggers case, it is repeat readers. To keep readers coming back to your site, you have to have new material for them to see. If your site is mainly for references and a source of information that is static, perhaps a permanent web site would do better. The main attraction in a blog is the currently updated information. There is always many other blogs you compete with and once one of your readers finds another site to entertain them, they may not come back.
So, how often should you blog? While it varies with the individual and the site, many sources will say that you should add to your blog at least once a day. Yes, it takes some commitment in your time. This commitment comes from developing the blog site, maintaining it, researching the material for the blog, actually writing it and finally letting cyberspace know you have it out there. And, of course, staying in contact with your constituents that leave comments is important and can be time consuming as well.
It is important to stay in a rhythm; a history of daily post followed by several days of no post will leave your readers confused. In the same reasoning too many posts in a short period time to make up for not posting earlier will leave many of the articles unread. It doesn’t hurt to experiment some when you first start blogging, but soon the proper rhythm can be obtained with a little analysis of your account. This is a good reason to study your analytics on your site. While many people offer blogging tips, the most important ones are the ones you research on your own through a complete analysis of your blog.

Johnny Ray

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