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Effective Writing applied to Blogs

Writing a blog that people would want to read and remember is like any kind of writing; it has to be effective and interesting. I think the article below by Christina Pomoni is very good in highlighting this important point of blog writing.

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Ways to become a more effective writer

Author: Christina Pomoni

Writing reflects an author’s mind set down on paper. An author’s style is, in effect, his/her choice of what words to use and how to use them in writing. But, it is also attitude; the attitude the author has towards the topic and the audience.

From ancient times, writing has been the means to communicate and transfer knowledge in a direct, immediate way. In modern society, language is the chief liaison between an author’s brain and the minds of an audience. If a writer wants to be understood, the use of effective language is a key priority.

Typically, when we talk, syntax is not modulated, sentences are incomplete and words are abbreviated. If the habits of oral speech are transferred into the written speech the results are indistinct. Imprecise language may distort the writer’s ideas.

So, what constitutes effective writing? Experienced writers are prompted to experiment with writing as they go along. They write for quite sometime, they leave their work and return with a fresh perspective. This break allows them to see their work from a distance and judge it, impartially and objectively. Normally, the changes that they make after these short breaks work for the better.

Effective writing is a fundamental part of journalism. Writing with creativity requires primarily a focus on the expectations of the audience. Trying to catch what the audience expects is a good basis for building up a good article. At the same time, the writer should have a clear idea of what he wants to tell the audience in relation to the story. Without a clear plan, it’s easy to be out of subject.

To develop the plan of the story, experienced writers use the inverted pyramid. Introducing a headline that excites the audience and a sub-title that provides an insightful summary of the topic, the inverted pyramid format helps readers to get quick information on the article even if they do not read it all. The most valuable information is in a lead paragraph on the top, written in a captivating way so that readers are fascinated to read more.

Good writers always write about what they know avoiding subjects they are not so familiar with. Although the Internet is a valuable source of information, details do not come easy if the writer doesn’t know the topic. For instance, Hemingway’s ambulance vivid descriptions were coming from the heart as he was an ambulance driver himself.

Good writers are also voracious readers. Reading a lot helps building up grammar skills, using proper punctuation and developing a rich vocabulary. It is very important that a writer knows grammar and understands what he writes. Otherwise, the article construction is poor and the reader is lost. Also, the use of jumbled vocabulary results in distortion of ideas.

By reading different types of readings helps in getting acquainted with diverse writing styles and setting up themes for plotting stories. Acquiring variety in writing helps also in avoiding repetition and developing imagination. In that way, the writer grasps the reader with new writing techniques and strategies among a wide variety of topics and styles.

Effective writing is, also, the result of good mood. Putting orderly ideas on a piece of paper requires good energy and positive thinking. When someone is tired and stressed, he cannot think properly. The writing process requires a relaxed state of mind so that the brain is set on the topic of interest and works at its best. A positive attitude based on realistic expectations always works wonders. Hence, good writers have fun with writing.

The main advantage of writing over oral communication is that it provides time for proofreading. An effective writer always proofreads his writings; otherwise he may look like lazy, incompetent or rude towards the audience.

By and large, writing is an ongoing process that needs constant effort and development of writing skills. Especially in journalism, writing is a powerful tool that derives its influence from its potential as a resourceful and valuable means of communication. Good journalists are engaged with the moral duty to produce strong articles that comply with the use of accurate language as a means of effective communication.

About the Author:

I work as a financial and investment advisor but my passion is writing, music and photography. Writing mostly about finance, business and music, being an amateur photographer and a professional dj, I am inspired from life.

Being a strong advocate of simplicity in life, I love my family, my partner and all the people that have stood by me with or without knowing. And I hope that someday, human nature will cease to be greedy and demanding realizing that the more we have the more we want and the more we satisfy our needs the more needs we create. And this is so needless after all.

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